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Our Story

How we started?

I started my sales experience from a very young age. I always knew I was destined to become a business owner/Leader. Sales was something I just always had. I remember when I was just 7 years old my Grandad used to take my to a car boot, give me £2 and tell me to barter and get as much as I could, I was a natural. Then when I was 9 in the summer, I decided to start up a car washing service. I got my team (Friends) together and went knocking door to door to offer a car washing service. I had no equipment just me and my friends and my charm.

I got into sales as a professional career at the age of 18, and have never looked back. Working across a variety of sectors and different types of sales, B2B, Telesales, Media Sales, Hire purchase Sales, I found love in Recruitment. I was fortunate to work for a lovely recruitment company in my first position, managing a busy temporary division, it was hard work but I have never shyed away from that.


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A self-proclaimed workaholic and all who know me will vouch for that. I then started to recruit for Sales professionals and I was in love even more. I then ventured into the world of Logistics recruitment, and I just knew this was what I wanted to do long term. When I got into management that was it I knew what direction I was heading in and I wouldn’t stop until I built something that was truly amazing, and here is LogiX’s. Of course I wanted to ensure I was working with the very best people and reaching out to James Caan was the best decision I have ever made. What a fantastic support I have had and I know will continue to have, enabling my vision to come to light and to build the strongest recruitment brand in the world of Logistics.

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